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What began with an instinct to preserve a small town feel has grown into a plan that will focus 88 percent of the county’s future population into quality communities on just 30 percent of the county’s land.

The 2050 Plan identifies five new compact communities that will need to be zoned to allow more growth, and large areas of timber and farmland to be conserved. The participating agencies have already committed to coordinate new infrastructure, including schools, libraries, and sewer service, to these areas.

How did this plan get to where it is today, and why does it have the support of every municipality, the county, the water and sewer authority, the school board, the Chamber of Commerce, and several other agencies and organizations?

Explore the 2050 Plan

How the Plan came to be

How did Newton County’s leaders come to the table, and why did they stay there?

Read more

What's in the Plan?

By 2050, 89% of Newton County’s population will live on just 37% of its land. See how.

Read more

Terms defined

The plan is written in plain language, but here are some key terms and phrases explained in more detail.

Read more


On the Plan:

The placement of schools, where the communities will be developed, is quite critical, not just to the school system but to the county as a whole, as we plan to live together. Certainly you want to place schools in the nodes where future populations will be served. It’s cheaper that way, certainly more efficient, and more effective. It allows us to really plan short term and long term.”

Dr. Gary Matthews, Newton County School Superintendent